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Delivery & Payment information

The following sales and delivery conditions apply to all deliveries from Andcopenhagen.

The conditions apply in the event that no other written agreements have been entered into between buyer and Andcopenhagen. 

Payment of the item

Every time you order an item through Andcopenhagen.dk, we send an order confirmation to you as a customer, after which your order is packed and shipped. Payment will only be deducted from your account when the item is shipped. If your order contains pre-order products, those products will be shipped as soon as we have them in stock.

The expected delivery time will be stated on the product page and in your invoice (which can be retrieved from your order confirmation) If your order contains products on pre-order with a delivery time of more than 2 weeks, there will be a prepayment of your order, which will be deducted before sending your order.  

Delivery time & transport

Delivery of orders from Andcopenhagen.dk is considered to have taken place when the customer has received the product/products. All orders ordered through Andcopenhagen.dk are sent with GLS, unless otherwise stated during the product display.

Orders are sent from our warehouse within a maximum of 72 hours after ordering, unless otherwise stated on the product display. Delivery takes place according to the chosen shipping method and will usually take place within 1-2 working days of dispatch. The stated delivery time is indicative and may thus deviate.

Orders with pre-order products will have longer delivery times - the expected delivery time will be stated under the product that is pre-ordered.Delivery to Norway and Sweden can take up to 14 days.  

The risk to the products

The risk of the products passes on to the buyer when the 14 days return policy expires. If the items have been damaged after the buyer has received it he/she keeps the return policy if the damage is not due to negligence on his/her part. We recommend to save the original packing and order confirmation in case of a return or complaint.  


Any errors or defects on products delivered from Andcopenhagen.dk must be invoked within 14 days after you have discovered the error. It is the customer's responsibility to state and show what and where the error is on the product (via image documentation). If the customer discovers an error, this should be addressed to kundeservice@andcopenhagen.com immediately.

As a rule, the customer can only complain about errors that appear no later than 2 years after the item has been delivered to the customer. For products with a limited durability, the customer's right of appeal is limited by the durability period that Andcopenhagen.dk has offered the customer or which appears on the product's packaging. In connection with complaints, the item will always be exchanged for a similar product.

The exception to this main rule is if exchange is impossible or will entail disproportionate costs for Andcopenhagen.dk - in this case, the product's purchase price will be refunded instead. Any complaint about an item is recommended to be made through our return portal for a fast process. In the event of complaints, please always state the error in the products in the comments field.  

Return Policy

Andcopenhagen.dk provides a 30-day return window, valid from the day you receive the product. If you regret your purchase, Andcopenhagen.dk must be notified no later than 14 days after the day you received the product and then returned within the following 14 days.

You are responsible for returning the item in original condition, and it must not have been used in addition to what is equivalent to the item being tested in a physical store. The item must be returned with any marks and packaging. When using our return portal the costumer must pay DKK 39 for delivery. You can cancel a purchase by either refusing to receive your package/not picking it up) or by sending your package back via our return portal. If you refuse to receive the package, you must notify andcopenhagen.dk in writing, via e-mail.  

Any return of an item is recommended to be done through our return portal, to get a faster processing and return off the purchase price.  

Duty to provide information

Agreements (purchase orders) can be entered into in Danish or English and kept by the company for 5 years, in accordance with the Accounting Act.  

Discount codes

We regularly issue discount codes that give either a percentage discount or a discount in kroner. A maximum of one (1) discount code can be used per purchase. Attempts to circumvent this will cancel the order. Discount codes cannot be used to purchase gift cards unless otherwise stated. Discount codes must be added at checkout before payment is completed and discount codes can not be added to an order after an order has been placed. It is only possible to use one discount code at a time - this also applies to campaigns that give a discount via a discount code, such as. "Buy 3 pair of earrings pay for 2”.


Gift cart codes

Gift card codes issued by Andcopenhagen.dk are valid for 3 years from the date of issue.


Price & payment

At Andcopenhagen.dk it is possible to pay with Dankort, Mobilepay and international credit cards. All prices at Andcopenhagen.dk - on the web address http://www.andcopenhagen.dk are shown in DDK and are incl. VAT.  



Contact information

CVR-nr: 36964863

Le Zest ApS

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2100 København Ø

Mail: kundeservice@andcopenhagen.com  



Privacy policy

Andcopenhagen.dk understands and respects the importance of privacy on the Internet. We will not disclose information about customers / users to third parties unless necessary to implement a transaction. Andcopenhagen.dk will not sell your name, address, e-mail address, credit card or personal data to any third party without your prior permission.  

Do you have any questions about our terms and conditions? Then send us an email right here


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