Cashmereshirt Mocca

399,00 kr

This cashmerestrikis a wonderful luxury essence, which will be in your closet for many years. The incision is all classic and the quality of the radiation leashes from every fiber of the pleasant Mongolian cashneyneyneyaryarn.

The end of cheap seasonality of dubious quality, which must be thrown back quickly. The trend is for long-running and fewer, but more expensive-time quality classics that can last for many years. And now you can get your hands on this delicious case at an incredible price. Well, then, it's just a little more than before your favorite color is sold out!

 It goes with every elegant, everyday-off event. Really cool and casual over a pair of jeans, elegant pullover to the leather skirt or maybe over the feminine summer dress on the Danish summer nights with white wine and girlfriends.

Material : 80% cashmore and 20% tensel